It’s Better To Receive Than To Give!

“You cannot stop the dry-rot by grand alliances. Nothing can save a nation in whose heart the worst forms of corruption are being nourished, except a wholesale return of God and a seeking of His face. It is certain that if this lesson were profoundly learned and then practiced, the horrors of a world in arms would come to a speedy and a blessed end.” -F.B. Meyer
Everyone talks of wanting Peace On Earth … yada, yada, yada… Meanwhile, the wholesale rebellion against God continues as atheists and CINOS (Christians In Name Only) sell themselves to the worldly culture of Self (not the magazine).

Here’s the thing: Peace was given to us by God. It was delivered in the flesh through the incomprehensible miracle of the incarnation of God and accomplished through 33 years of Him living as the perfect man, fulfilling the ideal of humanity. Then, taking upon Himself the wrath of God for our world’s rebellion, He bought Peace for us.
On Christmas, we’re all about the gifts! We have a saying, “it’s better to give than to receive.” Well, maybe we need to start saying, “It’s better to RECEIVE!”
There’s dry rot going on in our souls. A rottenness that we’re born with as sons of the first man, Adam, who chose his own way over the instruction of God. As a result, our world is in constant war and strife.
Each person needs to RECEIVE God’s gift, His Peace. This means to receive Jesus as LORD and Savior.
It would be rude to open a gift and throw out the biggest part.
We need to receive Jesus as LORD because that restores us from the rebellion in which we’re living (where we look at the Bible and say, “did God really say…?”)
Then we will receive Jesus as Savior.
Then we will have Peace which God has bought for us.