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Fellowship Time – 9:00am

We enjoy pastries, coffee and juice when we arrive and mingle before the education hour.

Education Hour – 9:30am

Adults, teens and children have class where we study a common lesson but at age-appropriate levels. This allows families to share what they’ve learned with each other.

Worship Service – 10:40am

Our worship time consists of a blend of great hymns along with a mix of contemporary songs. Sermons are pulled right from the Bible with an emphasis on how it applies to our growth as Christians.  Digital recordings are available for most sermons on our website or by request when visiting with us.

Sunday Supper – 5:30pm

We gather to enjoy a meal, share a devotional and bow our heads in prayer. The emphasis is on taking time to pray for God’s will, not the ailments that might afflict our family. We recognize that God has a greater plan for us than to fix our temporary needs, though He cares for them, too. We believe it’s important to slow down for prayer and consider what God may be calling us to do. If you are not comfortable praying out loud, you are still welcome to join and pray silently with the group.