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It’s Better To Receive Than To Give!

“You cannot stop the dry-rot by grand alliances. Nothing can save a nation in whose heart the worst forms of corruption are being nourished, except a wholesale return of God and a seeking of His face. It is certain that if this lesson were profoundly learned and then practiced, the horrors of a world in arms would come to a speedy and a blessed end.” -F.B. Meyer
Everyone talks of wanting Peace On Earth … yada, yada, yada… Meanwhile, the wholesale rebellion against God continues as atheists and CINOS (Christians In Name Only) sell themselves to the worldly culture of Self (not the magazine).

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The Darkest Night of the Year

Photo by Ales Krivec
Photo by Ales Krivec

Jesus’ arrival to earth was predicted in prophesy and expected by the people of Israel. Their once great nation with its grand Temple and the royal line of David had been decimated over the years. They had their monarchy split between Israel and Judah, they had their nation hauled off in captivity by Babylon. They had their Temple destroyed and ransacked. Then they had re-built it and restored their national identity only to have it invaded and occupied by the iron fist of Rome.  Continue reading The Darkest Night of the Year